English Language Courses (ESL)

English language classes are referred to as English Second Language (ESL) classes in the United States. Google “ESL” to find a class near you.



These apps include a free option for learning English:

Language Virtual offers 1-on-1 English tutoring and lessons for free over Zoom for children ages 7-16:

Ririro provides free children’s stories in English (text and audio) along with translations to multiple languages (including Ukrainian and Russian):

Free for Ukrainians

The following apps offer premium features for free for Ukrainian refugees. This can be redeemed by selecting “Ukrainian” as your native language or by contacting customer support.

Paid Apps

These apps require a subscription fee to learn English but may be available for free via your local public library or university.

In Person

Public Libraries

Generally, in each state and major city, Public Libraries will offer free ESL resources, including classes, online programs, and conversation clubs.  See your local public library for language learning resources.

Adult Education

Check your city’s department of adult education for possible ESL offerings. 

Community Colleges

ESL and TOEFL prep classes are offered at most community colleges as non-credit courses.  Many colleges offer these non-credit courses for free.  You’d need to inquire at a specific college to find out whether they offer such a non-credit course and whether there is any cost.

To establish language proficiency at universities for taking classes, you will need to pass an English language examination. If you do not pass with sufficient language proficiency, you may need to take for-credit ESL courses before you are allowed to take other courses at the college or university. For-credit ESL classes require tuition payment – but there may be financial aid available to you. Ask about refugee financial assistance at your local college.

Private Language Courses

Major cities will often have private language schools offering English language course on a continuous basis. These programs vary in cost but may be your best option if you want to start right away.

You can also look in your city for ESL private teachers or tutors. These are individuals who can provide ESL lessons in your home or in their home. While this is an expensive option, private tutoring is a good resource to start practicing conversational English right away.

Resettlement Agencies

Free ESL courses are offered to recipients of Refugee Cash Assistance as well as at your local refugee resettlement agency. See Welfare Aid page for more information about these programs.