Other Help

Clothing, free food and local programs

Food Banks

A nationwide network of food banks and food programs that help millions of people find food and food in their communities.

Free Clothes

Computers and Electronics

Nova Ukraine has partnered with Computers2Kids to offer discounted computers for Ukrainian refugees.

Local public libraries often provide access to free computers, printers, and internet.

Secondhand Items

Clothing and furniture can be purchased at low cost and high quality in second hand stores

On these websites you can connect with private sellers who are selling their secondhand items.

Free items can also be obtained from secondhand exchanges (above) or in local neighborhood groups

Free Furniture and Other Things

Refugees from Ukraine who have recently arrived in a new country may need help finding free furniture and other things. There are multiple online sites that are constantly giving away free, or offering deeply discounted stuff that can be helpful for refugees.

Freecycle is a website and app that connects people who have free items to people who need them. You can search for free furniture and other items in your area by entering your zip code. This is a great resource for refugees who are looking for basic furniture items, such as beds, tables, and chairs.

Buy Nothing connects people who are giving away free items with people who need them. To join the group, you must have a Facebook account. This is a good option for refugees who are looking for specific items, such as a crib for a baby or a desk for a child.

NextDoor is a social networking app that allows you to connect with people in your neighborhood. You can search for free furniture and other items on NextDoor by entering your zip code. This is a good way for refugees to connect with their new community and find items that they need.

KindWorks is a non-profit organization that helps connect refugees with resources, including furniture and other household items. You can contact KindWorks to see if they have any resources available in your area.

In addition to these online resources, you may also want to check with your local refugee resettlement agency or community center. They may have a list of furniture and other resources that are available to refugees.

Organizations providing charitable services

There are many organizations that provide aid and items for refugees, immigrants, and families. You do not need a Social Security Number to receive aid from these charitable organizations. These agencies can sometimes help with housing, transportation, furniture, legal assistance, and even English classes.